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We are the experts for batch phone number lookups to determine line type. Do you need to know if phone numbers are mobile, landline, toll-free, VOIP or fake/invalid? We cover all line types and all major U.S phone companies!
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Check your list of U.S. or Canadian phone numbers to learn line type, phone company, location and if invalid/fake. To get started, just test some numbers for free at our homepage and then submit your CSV file here! Most files take less than 30 minutes from beginning to end!
Our batch processing makes updating your phone lists easy! To run a phone number batch, just upload you CSV file and we'll do the work and email your file back! To run bulk phone number lookups, please use the Submit Batch! button at the bottom of this page.
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Determines Line Type
Cell Phone, Landline, VOIP, Toll-Free, or Fake/Invalid
NEW! Detects fake phone numbers like 555-555-5555 and 123-456-7890. There is a 99% certainty that a number we have identified as "fake" cannot be called or texted.
Includes Ported Check1
Provides the current line type and phone company regardless if ported or not.
Determines Phone Company
Determines Location
City and State or State only based on area code and prefix at the time of being placed into service.
Available by API
Available by Batch
Minimum Per Batch $35.00 $35.00
Batch Turnaround Time2 15 Minutes 5 Minutes
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1 Includes a check of real-time ported number data to identify line types that have changed from one line type to another (such as landline to cell) and real-time check of actual service provider. Sorry, this is not available for Canadian phone numbers.
2 Based on file size under 25,000 records.
PORTED NUMBERS: Ported numbers are phone numbers that have been switched between phone companies (allowing a person to keep his/her phone number) or numbers that have been switched from one line type (like landline) to another (like cell).
TCPA AND DNC WARNING: and The Open Data People, Inc. does not offer legal advice about the TCPA or DNC list, nor offers protection against claims of violations against the respective laws. Please consult your attorney to make sure your phone calls and text messages are compliant with the TCPA, DNC list and any similar state laws.