About Phone Validator

We share reliable and accurate public information about phone numbers. Our searches let you know what type of phone line any given phone number is – cell, landline, VOIP, toll-free or fake. Individual lookups of our basic search are free. High volume, API and batch users can join and search fast with no ads, CAPTCHA or delays.

About our Free Search

Our free phone search uses the area code, prefix and first number of the last 4 digits to determine if a phone is a landline or cell based on its original assignment in the North American Numbering Plan. NEW! Now includes our proprietary Fake Number Check™. Quickly detect fake phone numbers like 555-555-5555 and 123-456-7890. There is a 99% certainty that a number we have identified as "fake" cannot be called or texted.

Our free search does NOT check to see if the phone number has been ported from one phone company to another or from a landline to a cell phone. Phone porting or "portability" is the process in which the owner of a phone number can switch from one phone company to another and not lose his or her phone number. However, this is available in our subscriber area and is included in our Line Type Detail search.


  • Works with U.S. and Canadian based phone numbers only.
  • Use by humans (not bots) for personal or low volume commercial use is permitted. We do not allow the harvesting, scraping or re-purposing of our data.


About our API

You can automate phone validator lookups with the phone validator API. Click here for details.

About our Batch Processing

Does your phone list need to be run to determine line type? Our phone validator batch processing lets you upload your list and receive it back with phone data. Click here for details.

About our Zapier integration

If you are a Zapier user, we are fully integrated so you can run our service against your phone numbers. Just sign up for a free trial, then use your API key at Zapier.