About Phone Validator

We are the service used by brands, apps and websites to learn more about phone numbers in their contact lists. They use it to find out if any U.S. or Canadian phone number line type is cell, landline, VOIP, toll-free or fake/invalid.

Our approach is authoritative: We use the most accurate real-time telephone network data available combined with our own repository of curated phone number information. Uncanny accuracy is the result. We offer a free demo on our home page, plus Batch, API and Dashboard options for high volume users.

Our most popular lookup is called “Line Type Basic”. It uses the same data the phone companies use for call routing to determine line type. It also identifies the current phone carrier – including many VOIP-based virtual phone services like Google Voice.

NEW! We now offer our proprietary Fake Number Check™ as both a stand-alone lookup and as a component of our Line Type Check. Quickly detect fake phone numbers like 555-555-5555 and 123-456-7890 that are commonly submitted in the lead generation process. There is a 99% certainty that a number we have identified as "fake" cannot be called or texted.

About our API

You can automate phone validator lookups with the phone validator API! Join the many app developers and marketing agencies who already use the API to keep their project phone numbers validated in real-time. Click here for details.

About our Batch Processing

Does your phone list need to be run to determine line type? Our phone validator batch processing lets you upload your list and receive it back with line type, phone company and location appended. Just submit a CSV file and our system will process it promptly and automatically. Click here for details.

About our Zapier integration

If you are a Zapier user, we are fully integrated so you can run our service against your phone numbers. Just sign up for a free trial, then use your API key at Zapier.